All You Need to Know About Post Pregnancy Changes

Fatigue, stress, irregular periods after pregnancy? Looking for a answers? Read on to know more...

                                             All You Need to Know About Post Pregnancy Changes

    It is usually seen that there is a striking difference in the energy levels before and after pregnancy. Have you ever thought what could be the reason for it? Its hormones (chemical messengers)! The body goes through several hormonal changes during pregnancy and it takes some time for it to get back to normal levels after the baby is born. 

    What Causes Hormonal Imbalance After Pregnancy?

    Female reproductive hormones; estrogen and progesterone play a vital role during pregnancy and post deliveryAny imbalance in their levels cause several physical and mental changes in the body. 

    These changes, however, are temporary!

    Why does Estrogen dominate Post delivery?

    During pregnancy, the progesterone hormone is produced and maintained by the placenta to provide a supportive environment inside the uterus. After the baby is born, there is a drop in the level of progesterone, which does not increase until the woman starts ovulating (producing egg and menstrual periods start again) post childbirth. This, in turn, causes an increase in the estrogen level and thus, estrogen dominance.

    How Does Estrogen Dominance Affect You?

    Estrogen dominance can cause various condition like hypothyroidism meaning decreased functioning of thyroid gland, adrenal fatigue that is decreased production of the hormone cortisol, thus, increases fatigue (tiredness) and stress.In addition, you may also experience other physical and psychological changes.

    How to know if there is an imbalance?

    The symptoms you experience due to hormonal imbalance post pregnancy are:

    lExtreme fatigue

    lWeight loss

    lMood swings and anxiety

    lInsomnia (difficulty to sleep)

    lHair loss



    lIrregular periods

    lProblems in breast milk production (breast cysts or lumps)

    Hormonal Imbalance and Postpartum Depression Syndrome (PDS)

    Postpartum (post child birth) depression can begin at any point of time after the baby is born and can last up to one year. However, it can be cured with right medication and counseling therapy.

    Ways To Restore Hormonal Balance Post Pregnancy

    Here are some effective ways to restore the hormonal balance after delivery.

    lExercise (such as yoga)

    lEat fiber-rich food

    lAvoid birth control pills

    lSay no to alcohol and caffeine

    lTake Vitamin and mineral supplement

    lGet enough sleep

    If you are facing any health issues related to hormonal imbalance, do not be worried! Once the hormonal levels are balanced, these symptoms will vanish. Ensure to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle which can help in bringing the hormone levels back to normal.

                                       “Strike the balance for a joyful, stress free motherhood after childbirth”

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